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Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, evolving from the conventional oral hygiene, diagnosis and treatment of oral disease to the modern way of reshaping the appearance of teeth and the mouth generally. Cosmetic dentistry aims at restoring damaged, chipped, broken, missing or stained teeth for aesthetic purposes.As a result, cosmetic dentistry has witnessed the emergence of various ways of restoration processes such as dental fillings, use of dentures, invisible braces and so on. We shall look at the procedures used in these methods but first, we need to look at the various treatment options available for cosmetic dentistry.

Many people are dissatisfied with how they look in the mouth. They lose confidence to smile and interact with other people as a result of dental issues. The following are dental options that have come up to solve the emerging issues.

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Full mouth is different from smile makeover in that it aims more at improving the functionality of the mouth in regard to how you bite, move muscles, teeth as well as the bone structure in the mouth. If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and we can help improve you mouth, get in touch with us today. We will be able to freely evaluate your case and decide which among the treatment options discussed above is most suitable for you. We have the manpower, technology, equipment and experience to make it happen.


This type of bonding is usually designed for discoloured, decayed or chipped teeth which have also decayed. An enamel shaped type of material combined with dentine are put into the tooth cavity and moulded into shape, followed by hardening procedure using a light of high intensity. Once completed, you can hardly tell the difference because the composite resembles the natural teeth, so you might not notice the difference


To compensate or replace lost teeth, dental implants are used. These implants serve as artificial replacement for the original tooth and in fact look exactly like the natural tooth, complete with a root. Many people with gaps in the mouth often resort to dental implants to help bring back radiant and youthful face. Admittedly, dental implants have been credited with restoring a lost smile, improving facial appearance (lack of teeth cause the gum to shrink and distort age) and help you to afford a broad smile.

Visual inspection

A visual inspection helps the dentist spot oral health problems and know the procedure to use to rectify the problem.


These are also known as Inlays/Onlays and are made from either composite or porcelain. The fillings are mostly used where there is tooth damage. The difference that usually exists between the dental fillings and indirect fillings is that the latter are first created in the lab before they are fitted in the mouth. On the other hand, dental fillings come ready to be filled in the mouth where they then melded into shape in the mouth by a cosmetic dentist.


Dental veneers are meant for repairing cracks or chipping teeth. There are both composite and porcelain made veneers which are bonded on the surface of the teeth. Once glued together, they prevent any further cracking or chipping of your teeth. For those who have failed in teeth whitening, dental veneers offer a ray of hope as they work better in improving the appearance of stained teeth.


Another treatment option is the whitening of teeth using teeth whitening techniques such as bleaching agents. Teeth whitening combat the stains that appear on the teeth as a result of exposure of teeth to foods and substances that cause staining. These include nicotine products, cafffenated drinks, wines (both red and white) among others. Through teeth whitening, the whiteness of the teeth is restored, enabling you to have a bright and beautiful smile. Teeth whitening are perhaps the most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure.


Smile makeover is all about the general survey of the mouth so that its appearance is altered for the better. This means more than one procedure is carried out and may entail more than one of the procedures described here above

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